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We curate a diverse range of categories that encompass various aspects of screen entertainment. From a unified Best Overall Performance category (for an Actor and Actress), Best Internet Service Provider, to Best Cinema, Outstanding TV Series, Innovative Technology (Best Device) and Breakthrough Performance – our categories reflect the breadth and depth of talent within the industry.

Best Trailer:

This award recognizes the exceptional art of creating a trailer that not only captivates audiences but also generates excitement for a film, TV show, or content. It celebrates the skillful craftsmanship that goes into crafting a compelling preview that leaves viewers eagerly anticipating the full experience.


Best Premiere:

gory celebrates the meticulously planned and executed events that mark the debut or release of a film, TV show, or content. It acknowledges the efforts put into creating an unforgettable premiere experience, where every detail, from atmosphere to presentation, is carefully considered.


Best Poster:

This award acknowledges outstanding poster design that goes beyond aesthetics, effectively communicating the essence and appeal of a film, TV show, or content. A well-crafted poster should capture the essence of the production, drawing viewers in with a single glance.


Best Promo/PR:

is category highlights the exemplary promotional and public relations efforts that significantly contribute to the success and visibility of a film, TV show, or content. It recognizes the strategic thinking and execution that effectively reach and engage the target audience.


Best YouTube Content (Film/Series/Skit):

This award recognizes exceptional achievements in motion picture content created specifically for the YouTube platform. It celebrates creativity and storytelling in the digital media space, acknowledging the unique challenges and opportunities presented by this dynamic platform.


Best TV Film:

his category honors outstanding made-for-television films that have demonstrated excellence in storytelling, production, and performance. It acknowledges the unique capabilities of TV films to captivate audiences with powerful narratives and exceptional execution.

Best Music Video:

This award celebrates the creative achievements in music video production, recognizing exceptional direction, visual storytelling, and artistic expression. A great music video not only complements the music but also stands as a captivating work of visual art.


Best TV Show:

The Best TV Show award recognizes outstanding achievements in television programming. This accolade honors the production that has made a significant mark in the television landscape, captivating viewers with its compelling and exceptional execution. It takes into account factors such as writing, acting, direction, and overall impact on the audience.


Best TV Series:

The Best TV Series award is bestowed upon an ongoing episodic or multi-season television series production that has consistently delivered excellence in storytelling, character development, and overall viewer engagement. This accolade considers the collective efforts of the entire production team across multiple seasons, recognizing their ability to maintain high standards of quality and entertainment value. It celebrates the enduring appeal and sustained excellence of a series that has captured the hearts of viewers over time.

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Best Cinema:

This award recognizes the most exceptional cinemas that provide a top-notch viewing experience. It considers factors such as comfort, technology, overall ambiance, and of course, the quality of popcorn. This category acknowledges the crucial role cinemas play in creating memorable viewing experiences.


Best TV Advert:

This category highlights commercials or advertisements that demonstrate exceptional use of creativity, production quality, sound design, and delivery, all of which contribute to the overall impact and memorability of the ad. It celebrates the art of crafting advertisements that leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Best TV Station:

This award honors television networks or services that have consistently delivered outstanding content, providing viewers with high-quality entertainment. It recognizes the collective effort of the station's team in curating a compelling and engaging broadcast schedule.


Best Podcast:

This category celebrates outstanding podcast productions that have demonstrated exceptional storytelling, hosting, and engagement with their audience. It acknowledges the power of the podcast medium in delivering captivating content and fostering meaningful connections with listeners.


Best Internet Service Provider:

This award recognizes internet service providers that have consistently delivered reliable and high-quality internet services, enabling seamless online experiences. It acknowledges the pivotal role ISPs play in ensuring connectivity and accessibility in the digital age.

Best Entertainment Platform:

This category acknowledges exceptional blogs or websites dedicated to the discussion, critique, and analysis of films, TV, and content, contributing to the motion picture community. It celebrates the diverse and valuable perspectives offered by entertainment platforms.


Best Screenplay:

Honours the exceptional art of crafting a compelling and engaging script that forms the foundation of a film or TV show. This award recognizes the writer's skill in storytelling, character development, dialogue, and overall narrative structure. It celebrates the creative vision and talent behind the screenplay, as it plays a crucial role in bringing the story to life on screen.


Best Song/Soundtrack:

This award acknowledges excellence in the musical accompaniment of films or TV shows, recognizing the impact of the soundtrack on the overall viewing experience. A well-curated soundtrack enhances emotional resonance and adds depth to the storytelling.

Best Overall Performance by an Actor and Actress:

These categories recognize outstanding individual performances in leading roles. They celebrate the skill, dedication, and ability to bring complex characters to life on screen.


Best Streaming Service:

This award honors the streaming platform that has consistently provided audiences with exceptional content and a seamless viewing experience. It acknowledges the pivotal role these platforms play in shaping the way audiences consume entertainment.

Best Indigenous Film:

This category recognizes outstanding achievements in filmmaking within specific cultural or regional contexts, celebrating stories that represent indigenous perspectives. It acknowledges the importance of diverse voices and narratives in the global film industry.

Best Device Brand/Best TV or Mobile Phone Brand:

These awards recognize the brands/devices that have demonstrated excellence in providing quality television or mobile services, enhancing the viewing experience for audiences. They acknowledge the role of technology in shaping the way we consume content.


Best Director:

This award recognizes outstanding direction in film or television, celebrating the vision, leadership, and creative choices of the director. It acknowledges the pivotal role directors play in shaping the narrative and visual style of a production.

Best Showmax Content:

This category honors outstanding content available on the Showmax platform, recognizing excellence in storytelling and production quality. It acknowledges the unique contributions of Showmax in delivering high-quality entertainment to audiences.

Best Amazon Content:

This award recognizes outstanding content produced or distributed by Amazon Prime Video, celebrating their contributions to the world of streaming content. It acknowledges the platform's role in providing audiences with a diverse range of high-quality content.

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Best Chemistry/Kiss in Movie:

This category celebrates on-screen chemistry and memorable romantic moments in films, recognizing the authenticity and impact of these pivotal scenes. It acknowledges the ability of actors to create genuine connections that resonate with audiences.

Best Play (Sports):

This award recognizes exceptional sporting events or plays that have captivated audiences, showcasing exceptional skill, strategy, and sportsmanship. It celebrates the athleticism, strategy, and excitement that define memorable sports moments.

Best Production (Editing, Directing, Visual Effects, Cinematography, Costume, Production Design):

These categories acknowledge the excellence in various aspects of production. From editing to visual effects, from cinematography to costume design, they celebrate the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into creating a visually stunning and emotionally resonant cinematic experience.


Best Supporting Actor/Actress:

These categories award exceptional performances in supporting roles, recognizing the crucial contributions these actors make to the success of a film or TV show.


Best Ensemble/Cast:

This category celebrates exceptional teamwork and chemistry among the cast members of a film or TV show, contributing to the overall impact of the production. It recognizes the collective effort that goes into creating a cohesive and compelling on-screen dynamic.

Best Distribution Company:

This acknowledges the exceptional achievements of a company in strategically disseminating and making available films, TV shows, or content. This award recognizes the company's outstanding efforts and innovations in ensuring that content reaches its intended audience effectively, maximizing its impact and viewership potential. It celebrates the contributions of distribution teams, platforms, and strategies in shaping the success of a production and the industry as a whole.


Best Netflix Content:

This category recognizes outstanding content produced or distributed by Netflix, celebrating their contributions to the world of streaming content. It acknowledges the platform's influence in shaping the way audiences consume and engage with entertainment.

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